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Welcome to the website of Curaçao Marine. We offer a comprehensive package of services.Curacao Marine has a 60 ton hauling capacity. Curacao Marine also has a variety of services like crash repairs, teak work,spray painting and much more.

Curaçao is located in the Southwestern Caribbean, at latitude 12' north and longitude 68' west. The island is just 70 km (44 miles) north of South America. It is 2,5 hours by air from Miami. Curaçao, with its year round warm and sunny climate is located outside the hurricane belt. This makes Curacao a perfect place in the Caribbean for safe yacht storage during hurricane season

Its well-maintained connections to United States and Europe, both by air and sea, make Curaçao a most attractive tourist stop for many visiting travelers. Curaçao Marine Service with a 60 ton hauling cap. Crash repairs, teak work, spray painting etc.

NEW SERVICE OFFERED - to bring your yacht from Venezuela to Curaçao Marine! Read more here

MARCH 2014 NEWSFLASH - Sailing season is on! An update on Curacao Marine

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Its going to be a busy season. We only have space left for 15 mono hulls. Make you reservation as soon as possible.


Safety considerations are a main driver for the businesss of Curacao Marine.Our location outside the hurricane belt is a major factor in favour of Curacao.The last time a hurricane hit the island was in 1923. Furthermore Curacao Marine is located in an exceptionally sheltered inland bay, your yachts will be well protected even under bad weather conditions. The island Curacao is part of the kingdom of the Netherlands and has a long standing reputation of being politically stable and safe. The boat yard's modern security system safeguards the 100 or more yachts stalled at the yard.During 2013 not a single burglary occurred on our clients yachts..

We are widening our horizon towards larger monohulls as well as multihulls.Our new 60 ton trailer is operational as from January 2014. We have already a waiting list for the usage of the 60 tons trailer.It is recommended to make your reservation as early as possible. READ MORE 
Our bonded warehouse status for Curacao Custom formalities means that we can offer our clients optimal services to fulfill the usual obligations. Immigration rules have been changed considerably, Yachtowners are now allowed to stay on the island for 180 days during the year. Curacao Marine has been on the committee to improve immigration rules.  
Curacao Marine is now actively sharing and caring. Keep up to date regarding the latest developments on the yard. The new trailer will be arriving very soon. We will document everything. Pictures and demo videos coming soon! If you would like to stay up to date regarding discounts and specials please "like" our FB page.  
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