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The Boat Yard

Curacao Marine is a 25,000 square meter yard with a capacity of 140+ dry berths and 40+ marina berths with 110V/220V shore connections (more coming soon). The yard is situated in the Schottegat Harbour GPS pos: N 12 06.5  W 068 55.3

At Curacao Marine we do slipway towing. With a hydraulic Roodberg towed slipway trailer we can haul both mono and multi hull yachts up to 60 tons. This new Roodberg trailer can haul up to 60 tons!!!. Like the smaller 40 ton trailer your yacht will be supported by large soft pads to give it maximum comfort.



Hauling & Launch

With 2 hydraulic Roodberg towed slipway trailers we can haul both mono and multi hull yachts. Our 40 ton trailer can haul out yachts with a maximum weight of 40.000 kg and a maximum beam of 35ft. With the 60 ton trailer yachts with a maximum weight of 60.000 kg and a maximum beam of 80ft.

We slip what others lift!



Yard Storage

Curaçao is located in the Southwestern Caribbean, at latitude 12′ north and longitude 68′ west. The island is just 70 km (44 miles) north of South America. It is 2,5 hours by air from Miami. Curaçao, with its year round warm and sunny climate is located outside the hurricane belt. This makes Curacao a perfect place in the Caribbean for safe yacht storage during hurricane season. We have 140+ dry berths at Curacao Marine.

All the yachts stored on our yard during the hurricane season are stored on hard compound grounds with tripods boat stands professionally chained together and they will be strapped down with 5 tons webbing to imbedded ground anchors.

Excluding boats and yachts moored in Curaçao from insurance against damage caused by Tropical Cyclones based solely on the fact the island is located just North of latitude 12ºN does not seem te be appropiate. Especially not if boat owners and marina owners see to it that proper action is taken based on watches and warnings issued by the National Meteorological Service and the local disaster prevention authorities.





Curacao Marine has 40+ docking spaces with fresh water and 110v / 220v shore power connection.




Our Spray paint booth is up and running. We are proud to inform that the first yachts came out of the booth while owners are smiling and satisfied. The Spray Paint booth can take yachts up to 65 feet, the booth is well equipped with a climate controlled ventilation system to ensure the best spray quality.

Curacao Marine’s skilled personnel invites you for a make over, you will not regret.